AC Condenser Coils

AC Condenser coils

When something malfunctions in your HVAC system, it is best to know a bit about the parts of your air conditioner. There are two coils that are integral parts of your unit. The condenser coil is are part of your air conditioner or heat pump system. The other coil, the evaporator coil, is located indoors while the condenser coil is usually located outdoors The condenser coil removes heat from the refrigerant; making it a vital part.

Your condenser coils must be regularly cleaned in order to function properly. The coils work for long periods of time and require checkups. An assessment of the coils and cleaning are included in a regular maintenance appointment an air professional considers a “tune-up”. A dirty condenser coil can lead to performance issues and a shortened unit life span. A lot of cooling issues with HVAC units are related to the condenser coils. It is best to schedule annual maintenance regardless of your unit’s performance before a small issue becomes a huge problem.

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