3 Ways to Check HVAC Efficiency

Woman adjusting temperature

The Comfort Authority has three areas that homeowners should be aware of regarding their air conditioner’s efficiency.


Performing routine items like changing the air filters, cleaning the outside unit, and setting your thermostat properly, helps your unit run at peak performance.


Checking out the air ducts, thermostat, room temperatures, and age of your unit is key in your AC running efficiently. Furthermore, knowing what is starting to not run well is as important as knowing what is running well.


Checking the temperature of air coming out of the unit can help you understand if your unit is low on refrigerant. For instance, if the air coming out is 14-20 degrees cooler than the air coming in your AC is cooling within specs.

Many problems with our air conditioners arise simply from neglect or lack of knowledge. Keep a close eye on your HVAC system. Additionally, get regular annual professional maintenance. Recognizing and understanding what changes have occurred are great ways to ensure you will not spend extra money. Call The Comfort Authority today at (813)575-6996 to schedule service.

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