AC Refrigerant Levels

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Understanding how refrigerant works is a big part of knowing your air conditioning system. Refrigerant is a rechargeable chemical and is a vital part of your air conditioner. Fixed levels of refrigerant are required and must be maintained by a professional.

How does refrigerant cool my home?

Fixed levels of refrigerant circulate throughout your air conditioner. The refrigerant pulls heat out of your home and releases it outside. Many air conditioner issues are related to refrigerant needing to be recharged or replaced.

My home is not getting cool from our air conditioner and I think it is a refrigerant issue

Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that only licensed air conditioning professionals are licensed to handle, therefore a professional is required to deal with refrigerant issues.

What can go wrong with my refrigerant?

Your ac unit refrigerant may need to be recharged. However, if the refrigerant needs to be replaced this means there is a leak that also needs repair. The refrigerant system is a closed system and loss of refrigerant means there is a leak somewhere in the system. Any services related to refrigerant should only be performed by a professional due to the danger associated with refrigerant.

What type of refrigerant does my ac unit require?

You must know the make, model, and age of your air conditioner to answer this question. The type of refrigerant your system uses is usually located on the name plate on the condenser.

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