Pet Owner AC Tips


Our pets are a part of our family. Outside of regular care, having pets requires maintenance concerning the indoor air quality of your home. Pets can affect our AC units in many ways. Consequently, changing the efficiency of our air conditioners. Pet dander can definitely impact our units, as well as the dirt and dust they track inside. Here are several tips that can keep your pets healthy and happy while keeping your home comfortable and efficient when running your AC.

AC Tips for Pet Owners

  • Keep your animals groomed and cleaned. This reduces the amount of pet hair they shed which can be caught inside filters and ductwork.
  • Change air filters often to ensure pet dander and debris are not clogging your filter and making your air conditioner less efficient. Changing filters every 20-45 days is recommended when you own pets.
  • Adjust your thermostat when pets are home to be efficient and comfortable. They are not as picky about the thermostat reading as we are.
  • Make sure your pet is not exposed to dangerous wires or elements around your air conditioner.
  • Get a seasonal tune-up from an air professional to troubleshoot any issues and have a cleaning done.

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